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Sparkfun Binary Tutorial

Binary and Bitwise Operations

Online Calc

Binary / Octal / Decimal / Hexadecimal Counting Visualizer

Practice Hexadecimal

Practice adding two 8-bit hexadecimal numbers together. Click the ▶ Run button to bring up the fields.

Videos Playlist

YouTube playlist of all video course materials.


A hackable editor for the 21st century.


Literally the future of vim.

Linux Journey

A beginner's guide to Linux and the command line.

Linux Command

A somewhat more in-depth guide to the command line.

Introduction to Microcontrollers

Invaluable, free (as in beer) textbook for microcontroller basics.

Beej's Guide to C

Since Learn C the Hard Way is no longer available for free, this is a good alternative.

Learn C the Hard Way

Though, for $30, it is worth it.