Regardless of which operating system you are using for this class, you will be using the MSP430 toolchain to compile, debug and also flash (write a program into ROM) code for the Launchpad.


Luckily, a lot of the heavy lifting for installing on either macOS or Linux has been done by a previous student, Steven Johnson. Download this script and then follow these steps to execute it:

  1. Directly download this file (do not copy and paste this into a text editor)
  2. Open a terminal
  3. Execute the file by either
    • providing it as an argument to a new bash shell with bash toolchain_install.bash
    • or by making the script executable and executing it directly with ./toolchain_install.bash
  4. Follow the onscreen directions

Pre-downloading Energia

WMU's internet connection is very good, but sometimes the wireless can be finicky, especially if you are using Linux on some newer hardware. It is a good idea to download the Energia application from your home before you come to class.


NOTE: Please rename the archive energia.tgz after downloading


NOTE: Please rename the archive energia.dmg after downloading